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App Server Solution is Finalized

Finally I've made a decision...and I think it's a good one.  I was able to get the ZPsycopgDA adapter to work with Zope finally (after manually adding an icon to the Zope egg that the Psycopg adapter depended on).  So, with that, I was able to get my test website working with the same functionality I had with all the external Python methods.  It does a ton of work for me including automatically creating a template that displays the contents (known as a Z Interface something or other).  Also, it can automatically set up a web form that uses the interface as the form handler.  Very cool!!  So if you go to you can see my simple form in the left portlet that returns data to the right portlet.  It is searching for names in my postgres database in the 'test' table.  Only Frank, Jim, Anna, Charlotte, (and someone else I forget) will return data.  Try it...

Anyway, with that being said, I have all the pieces in place I need.  I'm sticking to Zope and Plone because of the awesome security built in as well as all the other features and flexiblity.  I'm sticking to PostgreSQL as my database backend because I don't understand the ZODB well enough and I don't feel like spending the next three years trying to figure it out.  Plus I got the ZPsycopgDA adapter working and I am impressed so far.

So next on the agenda is typical fun(ish) things like figuring out color schemes, designing a logo, looking for pictures, trying to find inspiration and whatnot.  So I decided to concentrate first on the logo since the one I had on this webpage was terrible.  I knew a couple of things going into it.  First, I knew I wanted the logo to integrate a book or "planner" of some sort.  Also, as cheesy as it may be, I wanted to try to fit a cross in somewhere subtilely--it's good to remember why I'm doing what I'm doing.  I found inspiration in this photo I found on Google Images:

To be honest, I don't know who to credit for the picture.

So I liked this picture because of it's simplicity and the fact that it was easy to tell it was a book.  Also, I liked the color scheme in the picture so well I picked two colors based on this picture to be two of my main colors.  So anyway, I started, in Gimp 2 of course, goofing off and seeing what happened.  I like all the modern peopleish logos* that seem to be popping up everywhere so I wanted some of that modern can't really tell what it is feel to the logo.  So, from the logo seen on this page, the image of a book should start coming out.  Also, I decided to overlap one of the 'pages' on the left to create a subtile cross.  Also, you may notice there are two 'p's in the logo facing each other.  All that was planned, but the neat thing that I started noticing is that the pages of the book looked like a music clef smashed in the middle.  So I changed my page count from two on each side to three to go from four lines total to five lines.  The two bottom lines are supposed to be the cover and/or binding of the book.  So all the elements I wanted came to fruition as well as an added bonus element. 

  • The logo integrates a book/planner.
  • There are two 'P's for PraisePlanner.
  • There is a cross featured.
  • The whole logo resembles a squashed music clef.

I'm fairly happy with the results and am honestly glad it's overwith because I'm not good at mixing colors and coming up with not-cheesy art stuff.

By the way, the text was easy.  I wanted it to say in camel case at the bottom of the logo.  I at one time thought about just making the text the logo, but what the heck.  The font is just a simple Segoe Print Bold found in Gimp 2 with no decoration at all.  I played with drop shadows, highlights and bevels, but nothing seemed to look good.  So I decided to KISS it.  (Keep It Simple Stupid)


*like these:


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