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You are here: Home Welcome to the PraisePlanner blog.

Welcome to the PraisePlanner blog.

This is a Web Log for me to remember what I've done on the project.


Entry One: The Beginning...

Okay, so it's not really the beginning.  I've actually been working on this project for about two months now off and on.  I first looked at Django to host the project and while it would probably be better to stick to Django, I have more experience with Zope and Plone so I won't forsake them and I'm sticking with them.

So, now that I have chosen a platform (more or less), I need to get solidify a SQL implementation.  I have done some work with Postgres in the past so I was naturally drawn to it first.  I was able to get it installed, but I have no idea how to get the query results from the Python list of tuples to a standard HTML a good way.  I have settled (for now) on creating Python dictionaries that will basically translate the garbage in the list of tuples to <tr>s and <td>s.  It looks something like this:

def dict_dostuff {"[('":"<tr><th>",
"',), ('":"</th><th>",

for k, v in dict_dostuff.iteritems():
html_string = html_string.replace(k, v)
return html_string

Unfortunately, I had all this working but ran "buildout" again on my web server and it trashed all my scripts.  I must backup my Extensions folder from now on before running buildout.  Even more unfortuante is this ugly fix worked.  It just turned the garbage strings into html tags.  I haven't tested with anything over three columns, with any numbers, and if the cell returns "none" it jacks up the formatting because "none" doesn't have subquotes like the strings do.  I'm sure the same would be true for integers...if I would have tested them.



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