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Welcome to the Wabash Valley Music Co.



Welcome to the Wabash Valley Music Co. website.  Our goal is to provide exciting, effective, and goal-oriented music instruction.  If you have any questions be sure to fill out the form below.

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What WVM Co. Offers

Here you can expect the best individual music instruction.  Students will be challenged to learn and become proficient in reading music, music theory, and music notation.

How is WVM Co. Different?

Our music instruction is goal-oriented.  That is, using a college model, the lessons are divided into semesters with a graded (pass or fail) recital at the end of the semester.  The recital piece(s) will have elements that the student is studying during the semester.  If the student passes, he/she will go on to the next level method book and a more advanced recital piece the next semester.  This gives the students goals to accomplish and a break between semesters so the student can continue refreshed.

How Can the Website Be Used?

Log in, lesson times, assignments, links, practice checkoffs, parent checkoffs, quizzes, download exercise sheets, pay for lessons, pay for instrument rentals...etc

So, How Much does it Cost?

Lessons are $240 per semester ($15 per lesson for 16 week semester). You may choose to pay by month or by semester.  Lessons are prepaid and if a student is absent without adequate notice (24 hours or more), the lesson can not be made up and there will not be a refund.  The student is allowed 2 sick days per semester.  Sick day lessons can be made up.  No refunds can be given, only made up lessons.


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