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Paper Studios History


Paper Studios started out as Paper Airplane Studios. I invented it in 2015. No one knew about it and I got no customers. I started gaining customers but, it wasn't enough. The Christmas of 2016, I got a book about origami. That's when I knew I should expand Paper Airplane Studios! I made Origami from my book and I drew drawings! I now had 3 products! That's when I knew I couldn't call it Paper Airplane Studios anymore, so I called it Paper Studios! I kept the name ever since and I always expand my shop now! I now have over 20 products!



Paper Studios theme is, well, paper. Every single product is made out of only paper! (Except for my extras)


Paper Studios Products


The products are listed in order from oldest to newest! They are...


Paper Airplanes, Origami, Drawings, Comic Strips, Bookmarks, Cards, Mini Toys, Minigames (Basketball, Soccer), Mystery Boxes, Masks, Gift Cards, Minigames (Claw Machine, Hockey, "Spin it to Win it"), Minigames (Claw Machine 2.0.), V.I.P Passes, Extra Items (Another Claw Machine, Gumball Machine), Paper Wallets, Paper Necklaces, and my Main Arcade!